Now How?

Above the student clinic entrance at Palmer, there is one of many BJ Palmer’s epigrams. This particular epigram reads, “Enter to Learn How.” On the other side of those doors, students are spending time in clinic, learning how to adjust, how to become doctors, how to serve patients. When one exits the clinic, that same doorway reads yet another epigram; as you pass out in the world, you are reminded, “Go Forth To Serve.”

In the midst of a grueling program at Palmer, student often lose their passion, their spark, their purpose in being there. Those signs are simple in reminding us why we all go through this process—we want to serve others to the best of our ability. If we can agree upon that fact, the next question that we are to ask is…how?

How do you become a Troxell Intern?

Becoming a Troxell intern is a process, one that is filled with encouragement and cultivation of knowledge that will be applied directly to patients. An entire trimester will be dedicated to mastering the basics of Gonstead chiropractic, understanding, and applying the system. This trimester is labeled as the “PI process,” PI standing for Prospective Intern. In order to be a Prospective Intern, one must have taken at least two of the Sunday classes at Troxell, with 80% attendance, and have completed four of the five classes offered by the end of the PI process. He/she must be in his/her third trimester of school, but cannot be past their seventh trimester. No specific GPA is required; what is required is that one is ready and committed to learn and share the Gonstead System.

For me, life as a Prospective Intern was inspiring, and challenging—all as it was meant to be. A PI will spend time at workshops on Wednesdays and Fridays, come early to mark up x-rays, come to Saturday workshops, assist in putting on seminars, and attend Sunday classes. The schedule can seem hectic at times, but each Prospective Intern is given a mentor who is already in the program whom they can utilize to guide them through the process. And, of course, all of the interns want to help others succeed in the Gonstead work.

In order to finally become an Intern, one must prove their knowledge through application of both, a practical and a written exam. This exam dates back to when students were unable to attend seminars with Dr. Gonstead; in that time, one had to be a practicing doctor to learn from Dr. Gonstead. It was proposed to Dr. Gonstead that a test should be given to students and doctors, in an effort to prove that Troxell interns were competent enough to study with the doctors. Guess what happened? Most students scored higher than docs; interns were then able to attend seminars with Dr. Gonstead. The current test is similar to this original test. In a practical format, the Prospective Interns must mark up an x-ray correctly, demonstrate proper technique in set-ups of various listings, correctly use motion palpation, and walk through a full analysis with a new patient. If performance of these areas are proficient, the PI is invited to come back for a written exam, testing their critical knowledge of the Gonstead system.

I know you're probably thinking, but why would I do all of this?!

The benefits of being a Troxell Intern are incomparable.

We get to:

  • Have weekly clinical observation time with Dr. Josh Lawlor and Dr. Brittany Sedar
  • Have private intern only training with master Gonstead doctors
  • Have access to top preceptorship positions and future career opportunities
  • Educate other students and help shape the next generation of Chiropractors
  • Network with the best doctors in Chiropractic
  • Have Free workshops and Free Gonstead Methodology Institute seminars
  • Have advanced instruction in Palpation, Instrumentation, X-Ray Analysis, Gonstead Technique, and Gonstead case management.

A lot of time and commitment goes into becoming a Troxell Intern; a lot of time should go into learning how to serve your patients! The PI Process is something that is truly humbling and rewarding, reminding one why they first stepped through those doors, why they chose to “Enter to Learn How.”

I leave you with one question…

How do you want to spend your time at Palmer?