Meet the Troxell Interns


Jonathan Tittle

Treasurer - 10th trimester

7th trimester as an intern. He enjoys backpacking and hiking.

Chiropractic Eldridge IA Marissa Tyler

Marissa Tyler

Secretary - 9th Trimester

6th trimester as an intern. She loves coffee and her hobbies are photography and being outdoors.

Chiropractic Eldridge IA Kira Wiemers

Kira Wiemers

Head Intern - 8th trimester

5th trimester as an intern. She was in London for the Royal wedding and plays piano.

Chiropractic Eldridge IA Nishtha Patel

Nishtha Patel

VP - 9th trimester

5th tri as an intern. She is a first-generation chiropractic student.

Chiropractic Eldridge IA Suttipong Meet Team

Suttipong Luesukaprasert

7th trimester

3nd trimester as an intern. Sutti has traveled all the way from Thailand and endeavors to get better each and every day.

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Mikayla Lyon

3rd trimester

1st trimester as an intern