50 Years of the Troxell Intern Program

This past November the Troxell Intern Program celebrated 50 years!

On Saturday evening of the Pelvic Bench Seminar (Nov 10-11th, 2018) one hundred and sixty students and doctors gathered together to celebrate a program that has given so much over the past 50 years.

There was food, drinks, and even live music!  Many past interns got up to share their fondest memories of being a Troxell Intern and their time spent with Dr. Troxell. 

Many items were donated for a silent auction.  The Troxell Interns goal of the silent auction was to raise money so that they could help other intern programs around the country get established.  It was Dr. Troxell’s goal to extend Chiropractic to as many individuals as possible.  All proceeds from this event went towards these new intern programs in the hopes of extending the teaching of the Gonstead System.

In addition to monetary donations, doctors donated items like equipment, scopes, spines/models, posters, and different learning materials.

As Troxell Interns, past and present, it is our incredible honor to carry on Dr. Troxell’s legacy. We encourage you to help us push the pursuit of chiropractic excellence.  It has been a historic 50 years, and with your help, we can make it another great 50!

The Troxell Intern Program