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philosophy night

Philosophy Night!

Troxell Intern Program Hosts Philosophy Night
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the question is why

The Question is Why? The question is a simple one, one we ask as a child that tends to become an assumption as we get older. This question leads us down roads of more questions, which is why it has become less of a concern for many, at least, that is my theory. The question…
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Troxell Interns Share Some Love

Troxell Intern Program Shares Some Love Last November was a celebration of 50 years of existence of the Troxell Intern Program.  There were a lot of former interns, current interns, and even patients of Dr. Larry Troxell present to help celebrate the event. A goal of the evening for the Troxell Interns was to help…
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Troxell Intern Program…in The History Books?

Troxell Intern Program… Making History? To the Presentations Committee (Association of the History of Chiropractic) This presentation summary is presented in the hopes that it will be accepted for a presentation in the short (10 minute) category at the upcoming Association for the History of Chiropractic in New York. The Troxell Intern Program an Expose?…
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50 Years of the Troxell Intern Program This past November the Troxell Intern Program celebrated 50 years! On Saturday evening of the Pelvic Bench Seminar (Nov 10-11th, 2018) one hundred and sixty students and doctors gathered together to celebrate a program that has given so much over the past 50 years. There was food, drinks,…
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