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celebrating 50 years!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Troxell Intern Program! The Interns will be providing an opportunity during the Pelvic Bench Seminar Saturday (Nov 10-11th) for students and doctors to give back to a program that has given so much over the past 50 years.

We will be hosting a celebration with food, drinks, and live music Saturday night after the seminar. Additionally, we will be holding a silent auction intended to serve both students and doctors alike. It was Dr. Troxell’s goal to extend Chiropractic to as many individuals as possible. In honor of Dr. Troxell, we intend to utilize this celebration as a fundraising event for Gonstead programs throughout the nation in their efforts to both learn and teach. All proceeds from this event will go towards these programs in hopes of furnishing the proficiency of the Gonstead System.

In addition to accepting monetary donations, we are also looking for items to be donated for the auction. Suggestions include:

  • Equipment
  • Scopes
  • Spines/models
  • Posters
  • Learning materials

Please remember that this auction is intended for students and doctors, so items in both budgets would be greatly appreciated! If you are willing to donate items, please notify us via email by October 13th​ so we can appropriately organize.

Furthermore, we have reached out to Gonstead programs nationwide and compiled a list of specific donations requested by each program. We will be providing a completed list of requested donations within the next month. If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do so by selecting "Donate" button above.

In order to best plan and prepare for this event, tickets will be on sale for $20 until October 1st​.  After this date, tickets can still be purchased with an additional $10 charge. Tickets can be purchased on this page by selecting the "Buy Now" button above.

As Troxell Interns, past and present, it is our incredible honor to carry on Dr. Troxell’s legacy. We encourage you to help us push the pursuit of chiropractic excellence further with your donations during this event. It has been a historic 50 years, and with your help, we can make it another great 50!

For more information please email us at

The Troxell Intern Program