The Troxell Intern Program operates out of Lawlor Family Chiropractic in Eldridge, IA right outside of Davenport.  Each trimester the Interns teach classes on the following topics to help their peers and fellow students learn more about the Gonstead Technique.

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  • xrays gonstead analysis troxell intern program


    This class will consist of learning about the biomechanics of the pelvis, learning the Gonstead listing system, basic spinography, and learning what to look for visually on a full spine film to help you find the subluxation. This will be a fun hands on class that will have lots of time to practice and lots of films to look at in order to gain a basic understanding of x-ray analysis.

  • palpation

    PALPATION / instrumentation

    This is where the rubber meets the road! In order to Adjust a specific vertebrae- you first need to know which one to adjust!! And not only to know which one, but HOW to adjust it! With this class, you will be able to look for visual indicators (including gait analysis), learn the fundamentals of static and motion palpation, understand the Gonstead Listing System, Understand the importance of instrumentation and how to use it, and finally putting it ALL together to decide which segment to adjust, which direction it needs adjusting, how you’re going to adjust it, and when to adjust it. This is a hands on experience and will be worth your time!

  • instrumentation for gonstead technique


    Learn first the application of spinal care related to the extremities. Then expand your knowledge with the study and understanding of extremity mechanics, and subluxation of the extremities. This class covers the TMJ, upper and lower extremity, sinus adjusting.

  • visualization in gonstead technique with larry troxell


    After being able to find a subluxation you must know how to correct it. This class will teach you the fundamentals of the adjustment and how to best choose which adjustment for which patients. This will be a very hands on class, as we will hammer out the fundamentals…fundamentals…and more fundamentals, because, how do you best master something?? By knowing the fundamentals! So come on out and we’ll all learn a little something about taking care of some subluxations.

  • case management troxell intern program


    Just when you think you have your palpation and instrumentation skills where you’ve always wanted them, in walks a patient which makes you wonder if you ever really knew what you were doing. Come and listen to experienced Gonstead chiropractors explain how they handled their most difficult cases and the results they have achieved.


Our Sunday classes are formal education on the Gonstead System. They are fundamental in understanding Gonstead Chiropractic and how to use it in a clinical setting. These classes are organized and specifically designed for students to better their skills in each component of the Gonstead System!

Sunday Classes are $50 each ($45 when signing up at Philosophy Night) and you can attend that class as many times as you would like for the rest of your time at Palmer!


Free Wednesday night and Friday night workshops have started!!!!. Come out to the Troxell Intern Program from 8-10pm Wednesday night and Friday night from 7-9pm to work on Technique, X-Ray analysis, Palpation, Instrumentation, and Case Management!

Learn about the Gonstead System and be the best Chiropractor you can be!!


(Prospective Interns- need 80% attendance of at least four Sunday classes to qualify for the entrance examination to become an intern)