Troxell Intern Program Testimonials

drs troxell
The late Dr. Larry Troxell & Dr. Pam Troxell

Dr. Pam leroux-Troxell

A former baseball pitcher Vern Law once put it, "Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, and the lesson afterward."

Dr. Troxell enjoyed seeing students reach their goals adjusting and teaching them to appreciate the task of mastering anything is a life long endeavour. He worked everyday trying to achieve a higher adjusting skill level even though colleagues thought of him as one of the best.

Dr. Gonstead said being specific was becoming a "Chiropractor" and not a manipulator.
Over 50 years this program has been involved with producing some of the best Chiropractors in our profession, and continues to commit to this single expression of Dr. "T" (Troxell).... "Stamp your life with Excellence".

dr josh lawlor

Dr. Joshua J. Lawlor - Eldridge, IA

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."- Vince Lombardi

T's (Dr. J. Larry Troxell) gift to Chiropractic was to instill and foster this habit in all those he surrounded himself with and mentored. To become excellent in Chiropractic was THE goal for all students and Chiropractors, and this he knew could only be achieved by studying and utilizing the Gonstead Method. Many times he would say, "practice doesn't make perfect, PERFECT PRACTICE makes PERFECT!" This is the attitude and mind set of the doctors and students of the Troxell Intern Program, and those who study the Gonstead work, where Precision is Paramount!

Every day in the adjusting room, I'm reminded how easily it is to slip and get just a little mediocre with what we do. T would even discuss this, and he was the Best! But, a little extra study, a seminar with our colleagues and Chiropractic family, a re-focus and re-commitment to yourself and Chiropractic, get's us just get a little closer to where doc was (Dr. G).

The support and quality of Principled Chiropractors to the Troxell Intern Program and students, is second to none. Studying, teaching, and implementing the Gonstead work lays a foundation for decades of Chiropractic Excellence!

Brittany Sedar

Dr. Brittany Sedar - Eldridge, IA

Being a Troxell Intern allowed me to spend an amazing amount of time observing specific Chiropractic, and gave me the knowledge and ability to determine what is necessary to provide the best results for each patient. In addition, I was saturated in a community of Chiropractors focused on getting patients well, that has turned into not only colleagues, but a wonderful Chiropractic family.

jeff lawlor

Dr. Jeffrey Lawlor - Weldon Spring, MO

To me the Troxell Intern Program answered all my why's. Why the Gonstead method? Why motion palpate patients in the seated position? Why focus on the vertebral disc? Once the why's were explained to me I had to opportunity to turn around and answer other people's why and truly own my art! Making me the best possible adjuster I could be. There is no other place in chiropractic that puts student in a place where the rubber meets the road to become the best chiropractor they can be.

chiropractor rick elbert

Dr. Rick Elbert - Ogden, IA

I was a Five Points Chiropractic Clinic intern in 1977 working for Drs. Troxell, Hill, and Wood. I had gone to the Gonstead seminars 6 or 7 times before becoming an intern and was fortunate to be selected to become an intern. The first 3 months I worked at the Dewitt clinic with Dr. Ron Hill on Saturday mornings, then a place opened up at the actual Five Points Clinic and I worked there on Monday nights. After 3 months I became the head intern on Monday nights for the last 6 months I was an intern. Back then we had mandatory Monday mornings once a month at Ross's Restaurant at 6 am to keep us up to date on what was happening at the clinic. So the first Monday of the month was a long day. Typically we went to Five Points clinic at 4 pm, about 30 minutes after the end of our last class of the day. In those days Dr. Troxell was seeing over 100 patients a day and we would usually see the last patient between 10 and 10:30 pm. After that we would vacuum the clinic and take out the trash. It was unusual to be finished before 11;30 at night. On snowy days we would also see that the sidewalks were shoveled. Back then were we allowed to observe case histories, examinations, x-rays, re-examinations, report of findings, spinal care classes on Monday and Thursdays, and follow Dr. Troxell as he was adjusting patients. It allowed us to experience what being in a busy chiropractic office was like. I got my Chiropractic work ethic from Dr. Troxell and cannot tell you how much that means to me. That was something that was NOT taught at Palmer College. When I became head intern I asked Dr. Troxell if I could have my wife help at the front desk after she was done at her regular job so she could learn how to do the Chiropractic Assistant job. He agreed and she learned how to check patients in and out, collect the money, how to file insurance, put together newsletters, enter payments in the ledger, in short all of the Chiropractic Assistant duties. With that when I graduated, we were ready to open our own office which we did.

I owe much of my success to what I learned from Dr. Troxell and my experience at the Five Points Clinic. He showed me how to handle difficult patients and situations. Over the years the name has changed to the Troxell Intern program, but the core training and experience are the same. Dr. Josh Lawlor has taken Dr. Troxell's work and continued and improved it. Anyone that wants to be ready to graduate from chiropractic college and start their own chiropractic business ABSOLUTELY needs to be an intern and experience how to operate a busy chiropractic office like I did. It was a life changing experience that every chiropractor needs but few are allowed to experience.

Every day I thank God for the opportunity to work with Dr. Troxell and be a Five Points/ Troxell Intern.

dr cale banning

Dr. Cale Banning - Waukee, IA

While you are a student it is easy to lose focus of why you are in school, it isn't to take tests or memorize textbooks but to build your foundation to being the best chiropractor you can be to help the decades of patients you will see once you leave school. The Troxell Intern Program is a unique place where everyone there (student, intern, or doctor) is dedicated to helping others further their learning of the Gonstead system. Once you are there it is clear that if you want to better yourself, this is the place for you!!

dr dennis o'hara

Dr. Dennis O'Hara - Waterloo, IA

Joining the Troxell Intern Program will allow you to:

  • As a student observe a successful chiropractic practice
  • Have the clinical confidence to start a chiropractic practice
  • Give you a lifetime of connecting with a network of great Gonstead chiropractors

Join the Troxell Intern Program, I look forward to calling you my colleague.

dr dan lyons

Dr. Dan Lyons - Green Bay, WI

Why I recommend the TIP. (In 2-3 sentences is tough. This could be a book)

The Troxell Intern Program is the first step you take in becoming a great Chiropractor. What makes it so important is that once you join, you are no longer alone. You are part of a family that supports you in your development and success. Your "family" has thousands of years of experience and they are there to help you learn and grow and create the practice and life you dream of.

dr tom potisk

Dr. Tom Potisk -
President of the CS Gonstead Chiropractic Foundation

"As I look back at the choices I made in my career, the Troxell Intern Program stands out at the top."

Kelly McCafferty

Dr. Kelly McCafferty - Menomonee Falls, WI

Chiropractic school only scratched the surface on my journey to becoming a chiropractor. The Troxell Intern Program opened up the doors to the doctor I am today by showing me dedication, discipline, and deep understanding of the Gonstead system. All while building an amazing network that turned out to be my chiropractic family.


Dr. Johanna McChurch-Forrer - Lachen, Switzerland

I would do the Intern Program again because it not only gives you exposure to real patients and real doctors while being in school but it also gives you a great support network after graduation.  It helps with solving cases, managing patients and practices and gives you real doctors experience, not only school-smartness.  Friendships are being formed and a trustworthy referral network is being created while still at school.

chiropractor ben altmann

Dr. Ben Altman - Johnson Creek, WI

The Troxell Intern Program prepares you for practice. The confidence you gain from going through the program is well worth the time put in. Not one other thing I did in school has shaped who I am as a Gonstead Chiropractor more.